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Demi by JuleeMClark Demi by JuleeMClark
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These are the prettiest, frilliest, fussiest, little earrings.
With all of these hearts and bows I wanted to make something Marie Antoinette-esque with a modern twist.
Indeed, these earrings are small, but for what they lack in size they make up for it oddity and uniqueness.

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BloodMoonEquinox Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2012  Student General Artist
I love these! :love: I can't decide which color is my favorite! :D
Fun-dragoness Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012
I would buy and wear those for myself if I wasnt allergic to earings... they just make my ears red and puffy somehow...
bluebeagle5262 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
it's probably just an allergic reaction to the metals used for the earrings. cheap (hypoallergenic) costume earrings are usually made with cheap metals and plated with silver, sterling silver, gold, or brass. the expensive kind isn't plated at all but is made completely out of the good metals.
brass, sterling silver, and gold would be the best choices in case of allergies to metal.
...well, those have been working for me...
you could also coat the ear wire with clear nail polish to help prevent the plated metals from chipping off from being worn and handled and to create a layer between the metals and your skin.
*this may seem random but I hope this helps a bit*
Fun-dragoness Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013
Thanks it kind of does :) I haven't worn earings in years. I think my mom's friend/my friend's mom, my brother's friend's mom said my skin has probably grown back so I probably can't wear them again anyways. My other friend who moved away last year once made me earings with my string and beads. She made me attempt to put them in but it just hurt.
bluebeagle5262 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
if its been years since you've worn earrings then your family's friends are probably correct. the hole has more than likely closed by now and you'd probably have to get ur ears pierced again and go thru that process once more. however nowadays getting ears pierced isn't as harsh or painful as it was in the last decade or so. the person who conducts the piercing numbs ur ear and uses a cleansed special gun tool to pierce it. then they probably make sure it doesn't become a bloody mess and all, clean it up, and place a pair of good quality but simple studs to make sure the hole stays open. after your ears been pierced, the numbness will wear off and yes, itll hurt for a 2-3 weeks or so. I think they'll tell you to check on it daily to make sure no infection occurs at the piercing. the pierced area will be a lil red and tender for a bit and it'd probably be a tad hard to sleep on tht side. but once an ear has been pierced and earrings have been worn say at least once every few weeks after the skin has healed and the piercing intact, itll be there forever.

for earrings that you don't want to have to clean often and not worry bout any sort of allergic reaction, I recommend a wire hoop made out of sterling silver (if u ever need to check if the metal is really sterling silver, the number "925" will be stamped on it. always, if it doesn't, then its not sterling silver. itd probably a different type of silver or just plated.) or gold. the earring will literally look like a wire that has been curved into a circle and has a either a ball or shape or smaller wire coil as the clasp. the shape/ball/coil will be connected only on one end of the wire while the other end is where u stick it thru the ear piercing and goes into the shape/ball/coil. this type of earring isn't the easiest to find at any jewelry shop but its the kind that will be less likely to promote an infection and will be most comfortable to wear since its a circle, no pokey ends stabbing behind ur ear like studs or earwires.

when it comes to earrings, there's probably a ton of different types of bases for being worn. earwires are the next best thing after the hoop one mentioned above because theyre allowed to move and aren't secured with some sort of base that has to stay right at the skin. earwires are open-ended and tend to come with some sort of plastic stopper(a tube or bell-shaped one normally) to make sure the earring doesn't fall off while being worn.

the fish-hook one would be after earwires cuz it works just like one except it has a hinge and half-pipe style clasp. they stay on quite well but are usually have a thicker wire tht goes thru the piercing. not all piercings are the same size; as in the hole for one person can be bigger or smaller compared to another person's. if the wire is bigger than the piercing hole, then itll be a lil hard to get on and might stay in one place more often rather than move a lil.

studs promote the highest likelihood of infection because theyre supposed to stay right at your ear at all times. they contact the skin most often and on skin, theres probably some sort of bacteria whether or not u touch the earring often. altho, fiddling with the earring often increases the amt of oils on it. skin produced oils one way or another. so make sure they stay clean: no dead skin, no dried blood (yes this can happen but its caused by fiddling around with the skin at the piercing or poking the earring thru skin that's rt next to where its supposed to go.), etc.

for cheap and easy cleaning of the post (think of this as the stick part of a stud. ex: (shiny thing u see in the front)------------------ <----that part...) or earwire, use an alcohol swab and wipe the wire or post. it wont get rid of the nail polish u may put on it(nail polish should have been a thin coat that does allow any stopper to go on it. the nail polish should go on the parts that contact the skin directly ^v^) or the pretty finish the creator used on the metal to get that desired effect. the alcohol swab will get rid of any bacteria or dead skin and cleanse it.

good hygiene for wearing earrings or if the ear piercing has become a lil red or tender from the exposure to the cheap metals of costume jewelry: clean whatever part touches ur skin while worn with an alcohol swab. dip newly cleansed earwire/post with polysporin (that clear-ish medicine often used for when uve cut or scraped urself on/with something. its something that often used to make things heal faster and reduce the likelihood of scarring from the injury) so that its been coated at the tip of the earwire. not tht big of a glob of the medicine is needed because its only going to be going thru the hole. if u really want to make sure its all super clean around where the earring is worn, use an alcohol swab and wipe the front and back of ear where its been pierced. this part isn't necessary for every day usage this normally, people wash themselves during their shower/bath.

for when u wear any type of earring, ull know if ur skin approves of the metal by its reaction after wearing it for several hrs. breaking out in hives or a rash of some sort is the automatic disapproval by the skin's standards. it basically rejects it and wants you to get it off asap. if ur skin starts to peel a bit or flake or always has a lil bit of dead skin around the hole, then it means ur skin doesn't mind it too much but still means u shouldn't wear that certain earring often(as in every day. once a week or a few times a month is fine.) if ur ear becomes red n tender or puffy each time u wear the earring, then refrain from wearing it, ever. no one wants to find that just a single earring made their ear piercing infected and pussy. bad cases of an infection should be checked with by a doctor to make sure everything's alright. oh, and if nothing happens after wearing the earrings, then ur good to go~

note: skin is skin. it has dead cells at some point and the piercing will have dead skin cells inside cuz its just your skin as a tube(easily noticeable when people wear plugs. **plugs will leave a hole that is too big for the skin to go back to its natural state(an ear that hasn't been pierced) plugs can be tacky or gaudy at times~**). when u stick an earwire thru the hole, sometimes some dead skin will come out as well. this is normal. make sure that the dead skin cells don't form a tube shape inside the hole because itll make it harder to put earrings on (since it can block the earring from going thru the hole entirely. think of the piercing as 2 parts: front n back. sometimes its hard to find the back part and missing would make ur ear sore, red, n tender.) and just the thought of layers of dead skin cells that have formed a tube shape isn't appealing, rt?

now, if uve read thru all this, im glad. I hope all this info not from the internet, but from personal experience helps u out in some way. it may be like a lot but hopefully this answers every lil thing could possibly go right or wrong. ive been wearing earrings since I couldn't remember so after so many years, ive learned a thing or 2 about all this.
im hoping this isn't an overload of information. purely intended to help ya somehow...
Fun-dragoness Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2013
Thanks. Maybe someday I will decode I really want to wear earings again. But I don't really want to right now. Sorry of it seems like it was useless to say all that. I don't think it was. I might use this info someday and someone else who's interested will read all of this and thank you even though you weren't talking directly to them.
bluebeagle5262 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
mm not at all =3 im glad my wealth of info can be put to greater use ^v^ true, I might not have been directly speaking to those who wanna know lil tips and tricks bout it all without consulting an actual specialist but either way, im glad I could be of assistance ^^
maybe that one day will come at some point but the piercing will hurt some. im kinda lucky cuz I don't remember what it felt like. no memory recollection of the experience but maybe that's the perk of getting mine at like 1 yr old... common sense and knowing that one of my friends got her ears pierced helps in retelling it all =3
good luck and have an awesometastic day~
Fun-dragoness Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2013
Me too. I don't remember it either. Today my little friend, Hannah, had problems with hers. It has an infection and then the back of her earing went inside her ear. Apparently its not an uncommon thing. She just put her earing in too tight.
You too!!
bluebeagle5262 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow I've never heard of that happening before...
I hope everything turns out alright
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darktro Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012
what metal are those made out of?
YukkiRawr Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012  Hobbyist
Ah, they're so pretty *__*
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